How we advance beginners to intermediate weightlifting program.

As a trainer and a gym owner, we always come across people who think that squatting and overall weightlifting is not possible for them. At Lift with Mobility in Langley, we believe that everyone can squat, and our mission is to help you squat deep pain-free. That being said, we also believe that everyone is at different level of lifting and skillset, one may start as a beginner, one might work with a trainer, or one might join our advanced weightlifting program.

Nonetheless, becoming an intermediate weightlifter is actually easier than what most people think. In this blog, we will outline how we advance you from a beginner level weightlifter to have the skills of an intermediate level weightlifter.

The 1st step: Setting the stage through a detailed mobility & stability assessment.

 Like with all training, everything starts with the foundation. You cannot become an intermediate level weightlifter without building foundation as a beginner. So, when you get started with us, we first conduct a detailed complimentary assessment. This assessment will help you and us determine your strength, your weaknesses and most importantly assess any mobility or flexibility issues that you may have which could hinder your progress in weightlifting. Some people that go through the assessment with us figure out that they need to work on their mobility limitations prior to joining our intermediate weightlifting classes. For people who need help on improving mobility and are new to barbell training, we recommend them to join our beginner weightlifting classes. While some people have good mobility and strength and can immediately join our intermediate weightlifting classes.

The assessment is a very important stage of your weightlifting journey because this is where we figure out your skill set including mobility/ stability limitation and advise you on a training program accordingly.

If we find any mobility or flexibility issues, we will help you correct them by educating you and assisting you with the proper mobility training that you need. Furthermore, we go beyond just helping you train, but we actually work with you to resolve the mobility or flexibility issues that you may have. This way, we can work on it together so that you can lift pain free.

The 2nd step: Joining our beginner weightlifting program.

Our Beginner Weightlifting Program is the perfect introduction to Weight training. This program is made for people who have never done weight training and/or have mobility limitations or are resuming to weight training after an extended period of time.

By joining our beginner’s weightlifting program, you will learn the basics of weight training and start working on your weightlifting foundation by improving your joint range of motion, core strength, flexibility, and most importantly, learn proper form and technique for lifting weights so that you can build muscles and gain strength pain free.

We usually recommend you to complete 12 full classes within 30 days to learn the basic movements such as: back squats, front squats, overhead squats, deadlifts, push press, push jerk and power jerk. All of this is to prepare you with the foundations so that you can advance to the intermediate level weightlifting.

The 3rd step: Advancing you to our intermediate weightlifting program.

After a short time of training as a beginner weightlifter, the training will become easier for you, and will progress you to intermediate weightlifting program.  You will start to see that you have lost weight,  you are more muscular and have a better body composition, are pain free while lifting, and most importantly, stronger. Once you start feeling this way, this is usually when we advance you to intermediate weightlifting program.

Our Intermediate Weightlifting Program

Our Intermediate Weightlifting Program primarily focuses on improving your Weightlifting technique. This is where your training gets more exciting and intense as you will be focusing more on Olympic weightlifting such as the: Snatch, Clean and Split Jerk.

Book your assessment today.

By reading this whole blog, you now know that it’s not that hard to get started. All it takes is for you to take the first step and book your complimentary assessment today.  Let us help you advance in weightlifting pain free!

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