Weightlifting is an excellent way to maintain your physique and improve psychological well-being as you age. More importantly, it can help improve mobility, strength, muscle gain and fat loss!

Weightlifting stimulates protein synthesis, which encourages new cell growth that leads not only to better physical fitness but also a better physique. So, by learning and practising weightlifting, you not only improve mobility, but you also gain muscle and lose fat as a by-product. 

What kind of classes should you look for as a beginner in weightlifting?

Someone who is just starting out should look for classes that focus on helping members with mobility, stability and lifting with correct form and technique at the outset. Our Beginner weightlifting program/ classes are programmed to take care of the imbalances and help the beginners lift pain free. This program/ class is a great way for people who have never done weightlifting before or are resuming their fitness journey after an extended period. You will learn how to improve joint range-of motion, core strength and form when lifting weights. We also focus on helping you resolve hip/ shoulder/ elbow/ wrist pain  and improve stability in feet/ knees/ core which will enable you to lift pain free and advance you into our Intermediate weightlifting program, which is next level in weightlifting.

What to expect when you join our beginner weightlifting class in langley?

We don’t just admit you to our class because it might not help us to understand your body, skill set, mobility limitations, etc., and may not enable us to serve you better. At first, we will give you a complimentary mobility and stability assessment to make sure that you don’t have any underling issues that could prevent you from training properly. However, if you have any underlying issues like mobility limitations, pain while lifting, etc., we will help you during the class by teaching you the right mobility training required for you to lift pain free. After the assessment and if we think you are clear to start, we set up every class participant with their own equipment to train and follow our program.

You will get a more personal attention as compared to a bootcamp class because we only allow a maximum of 7 people in each weightlifting class. We think that it is very important for us to give the class the utmost attention when training which helps our members to learn and train.

Each class is not your typical 55-minute bootcamp, but it is actually 1 hr and 20 mins long (80 minutes). Our class begins with mobility and core training followed by 1 hour of strength training.

You don’t need experience to get started.

Our Beginner Weightlifting Classes in Langley, BC, will help you get started with weightlifting and all age groups are welcome. We will teach you how to build a foundation for strength training regardless of your experience in weight training. If this sounds like something that would interest you then we strongly recommend booking your first complimentary  mobility and stability assessment at in Langley, BC.

One time learning, lifetime training

Our goal is to provide you a lifting training program that you can take with you as a skill for your whole life. We think that for you to be successful in your weightlifting journey, you will need to learn right from the beginning.

Join our Beginner Weightlifting Program/ Classes which will teach you how to properly warm-up to improve range of motion in joints, use proper form and technique when lifting Weights, develop strength, get in shape and stay PAIN-FREE!

Train with us at Lift With Mobility Weightlifting Center in Langley, BC.

At Lift With Mobility, we offer the best coaching and athlete development for Olympic Weightlifting. We specialize in fixing mobility issues and resolving pain experienced while lifting and Olympic weightlifting. Our unique setup provides you with everything needed for weightlifting on the platform: barbell, mobility tools, squat stand & more!

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