Youth Weightlifting Program (13-17 years) helps to develop motor coordination that will enhance athlete’s performance in sports ranging from hockey, soccer, basketball, track & field, across all levels of competition (recreational, college/university, elite).

The Olympic lifts have been proven to be a superior method for developing strength, speed, flexibility and explosive power required in other sports.

The program includes:

1. Learn fundamental movements like squats, deadlifts, overhead press, etc.,
2. Learn basics of Olympic weightlifting techniques–Snatch, Clean & Jerk,
3. Overall development–aerobic/ anaerobic systems, strength, power, speed, agility, flexibility and co-ordination,
4. Introduction to youth weightlifting competition.
Youth Weightlifting Program Langley, BC

Learn to Train

Work on improving mobility, co-ordination, and stability (good positioning and body posture). Focusing on developing basic Olympic weightlifting techniques (classical lifts–Snatch, Clean & jerk).

Train to Train

Improve overall physical development and achieve weightlifting technique perfection while focusing on proper posture & speed of movement.

New to Barbell Training

If you are youth and new to barbell training, then this program will help you get started and build a foundation for weightlifting. This program will help you get stronger and will improve your overall performance at other sports like basketball, hockey, soccer, track & field, etc.

Youth Weightlifting Program Langley, BC

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Our platform has a unique set-up that provides all weightlifting equipment on the ground. We specialize in not just training, but also improving and fixing mobility/stability issues for people of every age group. This is an exclusive facility, we bring together beginners with experienced athletes & coaches to focus solely on self improvement!

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We are an exclusive weightlifting training center, bringing together beginners, athletes & coaches with one goal in mind.

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