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We are an exclusive Olympic Weightlifting Training Center, one of its kind, in British Columbia. We have a unique set-up for training that provides all weightlifting equipment on the platform which is not available in a regular gym.

We have expertise to not just train, but also improve and fix mobility/ stability issues of all age groups. We are a dedicated Weightlifting Training Center, bringing together beginners, athletes & coaches with one goal in mind


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An exclusive weightlifting training center in Langley for you to train limitlessly.

Weightlifting Programs

Our classes are tailored to all levels of Weightlifting – from beginners all the way to advanced!

Personal Training

Our team of best and experienced trainers believe in teaching and educating you on how to improve mobility and lift with proper form and technique

Our Weightlifting Programs

Lift With Mobility Langley, BC is a weightlifting training center that offers an opportunity for you to progress into Weightlifting regardless of your limitations due to past injury or mobility or pain, etc.

We believe in starting with a detailed assessment of your movements (walking, squatting, etc.) and joint range of motion which helps us resolve any limitation that you may have, prior to you joining a weightlifting program.


Beginner Weightlifting

The beginner weightlifting class is ideal for people who are brand new to weightlifting or barbell training or returning from a long layoff.

Intermediate Weightlifting

The intermediate weightlifting class is very helpful for people who have developed the foundation for weightlifting and have gained good strength and mobility.

Advanced Weightlifting

The advanced weightlifting class will help you reach your best potential as a weightlifter. It will challenge your strength, endurance, power, speed, balance and make you a better weightlifter.

Open Gym

New to Olympic weightlifting or strength training or seasoned athlete and want to experience our unique Olympic weightlifting set up, try a drop-in open gym session or an Olympic weightlifting class.

What Our Members Are Saying About Us 

I've been working with Karan over the past month to help improve some mobility limitations that I experience when Olympic Weightlifting. From the initial assessment, I felt that Karan displayed a breadth of knowledge and passion around human kinetics, while visually explaining the impeding muscle groups. He has an understanding that the source of the problem is not necessarily located in the exact spot where the problem is occurring. Further, Karan was also able to explain how these mobility issues relate to reoccurring patterns I have observed when missing lifts. I feel that my personal training sessions with Karan have been gradually helping better my mobility limitations. The sessions are experience based and focused on technique maximization, as he adapts his teaching style that best suits the needs of his client, no matter what level of lifter they are. I always look forward to our next session.

Hailee Renkers

Choosing to train with Karan has been one of the best decisions I have made for my physical health. I had been suffering with lower back pain for years, but since training with Karan, not only has my back pain largely been eliminated, but I have also noticed much improvement in my strength, flexibility & posture. I could not recommend training with Karan any more highly.

James Rooney

Very competent coaching with a deep knowledge of human anatomy that helps solve pain issues. I would recommend to anyone to give it a try, if only for a couple months, as it induces a lot of change in posture and physical tonus.

Alexandre Fremaux

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Lift With Mobility is not just a gym, but a well-instructed weightlifting training center where you will find an expert team of coaches to guide you in every session.

With years of experience, our trainers will guide you through proper Olympic Weightlifting from the beginning until you become a pro.


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At Lift With Mobility Personal Training is not about just training you, but our team of expert coaches will educate you and empower you with knowledge that will enable you to train limitless for lifelong.


Unit 1 20178 96 Ave, Langley City, BC V1M 0B2


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We are an exclusive weightlifting training center, bringing together beginners, athletes & coaches with one goal in mind.

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Unit 1 20178 96 Ave, Langley City, BC V1M 0B2

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