6 Olympic lifts

Olympic Weightlifting has been a crucial part of many popular workout routines for years. Not only does it provide an excellent way to train the body’s physical capabilities, but also helps with strength gain, muscle gain and fat loss.  If beginners want help on mobility and weightlifting technique, they should seek to coaches at Lift With Mobility Weightlifting Center in Langley, who have experience in fixing mobility issues and teaching the technique. There are several factors which affect how each lifter performs these lifts- including individual differences such as anatomy and so many other things! If you’re looking into practicing the 6 Olympic Lifts mentioned below, contact us today.

1. The Power Clean

Power cleans are a great way to build speed and aggression throughout your body. They also help with power development by increasing explosive strength for short bursts of speed or distance running situations that require more force than normal voluntary contraction can produce on its own — think about how much faster you could run if it were “power run” mode!

2. The Front Squat

The front squat is a great exercise for working on your lower body with an upright posture. The whole movement involves many muscles and joints, which need to be warmed up before you do the front squats! Make sure that there’s adequate mobility in all areas of the body specifically wrists/hips, knees ankles etc., then try challenging yourself with more weight or doing them faster – but always focus on form and technique first!

3. The clean

Cleans are an essential weightlifting exercise that works most major muscle groups across your body. With proper form, this tough yet effective move can build strength in overall body including core to support posture and balance. In Clean the bar is lifted from the floor to shoulders in one explosive move.  

4. The Power Jerk

The Power Jerk is a compound movement that requires more than just your arms and shoulders to perform. You use the full body in this exercise, including core, legs, for explosive power at its highest point of emphasis during its execution. One thing about Olympic weightlifting is that: they’re really complex movements! The harder you train them (the stronger), the better results will come from doing those movements repeatedly—and soon enough, you will see how much progress you have achieved in no time.

5. The Power Snatch

Many people think that the power snatches are only for big athletes or those with great genetics, but they’re wrong! Power snatch can burn more calories and stimulate full body hypertrophy. Even if training at low repetitions, the Power Snatch stimulates muscle growth throughout all major areas in our bodies such as the glutes, shoulders and back muscles.

6. The Snatch

The Snatch is the most explosive movement where the barbell is lifted from the floor to overhead in one movement. When done correctly, it will help you attain the best possible position by training muscles that are vital for maintaining good posture in everyday life and activities like sitting at a desk or standing up from seated positions quickly, without discomfort! If you are into sports like track & field, rugby, etc., which needs instant output of speed and strength then the Snatch is one of the best movements which can help you progress in your sports.


At Lift With Mobility Weightlifting Center in Langley, we offer elite-level coaching and athlete development for all forms of weight training. We specialize in back squats, front squats and overhead squats. Our unique setup provides you with everything needed for weightlifting on the platform: barbells, mobility tools, squat stands & more!

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