Mobility Training maximum weightlifting

You need to add some mobility training into your strength training if you want a stronger body. However, if all you are doing is lifting weights or doing conditioning work each day without any specific mobility training, then it’s not enough!

It actually may be more detrimental for you to keep doing your strength training without mobility training because it can cause your muscles to become stiff and as a result, you won’t be able to do activities of daily life pain-free!

When you start training with us at Lift With Mobility here in Langley, BC, we educate you and help you to execute specific mobility training prior to strength training.

Mobility Training for maximum weightlifting output

Mobility is not exactly the same as flexibility, though it can be confused as the same. Mobility training is an essential component in increasing your joint-range of motion. It helps you squat deeper, push harder, or jump higher pain-free!

Mobility Training prior to strength training.

Joint mobility training is a great way to prepare your body for strength training such as squatting. For example, improving ankle mobility & hip mobility prior to squatting helps with squatting deeper, better muscle activation and helps prevent injuries.

Do you have mobility or flexibility issues and can not train pain-free?

Limited mobility and flexibility doesn’t mean you can’t exercise; it just means that you have a more specific starting point for your fitness journey. We have helped many people who could barely even squat to parallel, by conducting detailed assessment and then prescribing specific mobility training for their mobility limitation. We are very happy to say that not only they can do deep squats now, but they are doing overhead squats and snatches!

Book your complimentary session today and learn how to improve mobility, prevent injury and lift weights pain free.

We’ve helped many people  with a wide range of injuries at Lift With Mobility, Langley, BC, and all of them are now into weightlifting and are training pain-free. Our personal training sessions are designed for anyone who wants to improve mobility and get better at weightlifting without the hassle of learning by themselves and it helps avoid the risk of getting injured.

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