Mobility & stability 

Olympic lifts are full-body barbell movements that utilize the shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles. It involves controlling the barbell throughout the range of motion of all these joints, helping promote mobility and stability across the joints.

Strength & coordination

Weightlifting promotes the load bearing capacity and coordination as all the joints of the body are involved in the movement requiring precise coordination, rhythm, and timing. Improving body awareness and coordination which is great for both sports’ performance and activities of daily life. 

Power & performance

Olympic lifts are the best way to produce power output. Power is the product of strength and speed. Olympic Weightlifting is the key to improving running speed and higher/longer jumps. Olympic lifts require an athlete to exert a force into the ground through a quick and coordinated “triple extension” of the ankle, knee, and hip, mirroring what happens in sprinting and jumping, the core components of most sports. Olympic lifts have a high carryover to the improvement of performance in sports where strength, power, and speed are essential. 

Myofascial slings and bone density

Weightlifting is a sport which can be performed for long-term. It has benefits for all age groups. For youths it helps to improve their speed, strength, force production, quickness, and agility in a major way which are traits required in most of the sports.

The myofascial slings are composed of skeletal muscles, fascia, and ligaments. They work together to create strength and stability during lifting which reinforces the muscles and joints in the body by utilizing them together in force production. Olympic lifts rely on the production of large forces from the legs and hips. This slows down bone loss and improves bone density. Strengthening the bones is critical to prevent osteoporosis and protect against bone fractures thus promoting longevity. Bones are only as strong as the muscle around them, which is why Olympic weightlifting is a great way of training and helps in promoting functional strength. 

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