Program Highlight: Beginner Weightlifting Program at Lift with Mobility in Langley, BC.

Many of our members that get started with us are either beginners with little to no experience or a seasoned athlete who have hit a plateau with their lifting capabilities. More often than not, most people choose to restart their training on our Beginner’s Weightlifting Program because it offers everyone the ability to refocus on the foundations of lifting.

Why is our Beginner’s Weightlifting Program the most sought Program at our studio in Langley?

The beginner weightlifting program is the perfect introduction to Weight training. As a beginner, you will learn how to improve your mobility (joint range of motion), improve core strength and learn how to execute the proper form for lifting weights. Most beginners usually stay in this program from 4 weeks to 8 weeks (sometimes less), if the coach or the member feels like they are ready for our intermediate program!

As an athlete, joining our beginner’s program for a couple of 1-4 weeks will give you the ability to give your knowledge a second look, retrain your foundations, and correct your skills as needed.

Who is perfect for our Beginner Weightlifting Program?

While athletes benefit from our Beginner’s Weightlifting Program, it is more ideal for people who are new to weight training or returning from a long layoff. This program will help you learn the basics of Olympic lifting by developing flexibility, strength, and endurance as well as muscle gain while also helping with fat loss!

What can you learn when you join our Beginner’s Weightlifting Program?

The program helps in developing mobility, stability and strength required for Olympic weightlifting and includes:

  • Fixing mobility, stability, and imbalances
  • Back Squat
  • Front Squat
  • Overhead Squat
  • Deadlift
  • Push Press, Push Jerk & Power Jerk
  • Basics of Olympic Weightlifting (Snatch, Clean & Jerk)

When can you advance from being a beginner weightlifter to a intermediate weightlifter?

The Beginner Weightlifting Program helps to build the foundation and is the start of the weightlifting journey. You cannot become an intermediate level lifter without first building up your foundation and strength. Some people stay at our Beginners program for less than 6 weeks, and some stay for more than 4 weeks. This entirely depends on the fact that not everyone is the same and everyone has different goals to achieve.

How does one get started with our Beginner Weightlifting Program?

All it takes is for you to take the first step and book your complimentary assessment with us today. So, when you start training at our studio, we always conduct a detailed complimentary assessment that will help us determine what areas need improvement and how best to improve them based on current levels of performance as well any mobility or flexibility issues which could hinder progress in lifting weights properly.

Where can you train Olympic-Style Weightlifting?

Lift with mobility is the place to go if you are looking to learn Olympic Weightlifting. We offer the best Olympic Weightlifting coaching for beginners and athletes. We specialize in maximizing your lifting experience by pinpointing what could be hindering you and fixing mobility issues while resolving pain while lifting.

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